VoiceThread Docs / Managing a K-12 License / Overview - K-12 School License / Roles within the School Organization

Administrator (Pro Educator account)

The Administrators for a VoiceThread School are the only users who can see and manage both Student and Pro Educator accounts. In addition, the Administrators will be the only ones capable of creating accounts, changing the default settings for the license, or performing financial transactions. The primary tasks of the School Administrators are to:

  • Create new user accounts (if your school uses manual account creation).
  • Set the default rules for the members of the School License.
  • Allocate export credits to users who need them.
  • Delete or remove users from the School License.

Any current Administrator can make any other Pro Educator under the license an Administrator, as well.

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Educator (Pro Educator account)

All educators get Pro Educator accounts, but not all of them are Administrators. Those who are not Administrators have limited access to the Manager. They will only see students’ accounts; they will not be able to see or manage other Pro Educator accounts. These users’ management tasks are typically quite minimal. They can create their own Groups and sort students into them. The only other tasks they may perform in the Manager are changing student passwords, email addresses, and Identity names when necessary.

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Student (Student account)

Students have no access to the Manager.